Secure by Design

Continual is trusted by leading organizations with their most sensitive information.  Security, privacy and compliance are our top priority. 
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Continual is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant

Continual is compliant with GDPR. If you are in the EU, your data is only stored in EU servers.

Continual is fully compliant with CCPA.

To view compliance reports and our DPA (Data Processing Addendum), contact us at

Empower everybody to leverage AI

Data First

Put data first where it belongs


Embrace a declarative AI workflow


Be ready for day 2 operations

Hybrid Architecture

Continual sits on top of your existing cloud data platform only accesses data during model training and prediction.

Continual conforms to your underlying data security policies

Features and predictions are stored in your cloud data platform

Customer data is never persisted within Continual

A Data Process Addendum available upon request

Product Security

Secure, controlled access to your data plaform.

Continual requires user and role-based authentication for data platform access and creates full audit logs for every action taken

By avoiding data replication, Continual conforms seamlessly to your data platform's security policies, audit capabilities, and usage limits

Continual is limited to write access to a dedicated database and read access into relevant source tables, and can be further isolated in implementation

Every action in Continual has an associated audit event

Certified and Continually Monitored Security

Trusted infrastructure and operations.

Continual runs on Google Cloud Platform in an isolated production VPC and adopts industry best practices for physical, virtual, and network-level security

Continual’s metadata database (Google Cloud SQL) is encrypted by Google Cloud Platform using AES-256 encryption or higher, and all ingress and egress is encrypted via TLS 1.2+

Continual follows enterprise-grade best practices to protect our customers’ data including continuous security control monitoring with Drata, employee security training, security firm penetration testing, and secure software development practices. 

For questions, or to report a security finding, email
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