The missing AI layer for your cloud data warehouse

Continual is the easiest way to maintain continually improving predictions – from customer churn to inventory forecasts – directly in your data warehouse where they can be used by everybody. Eliminate pipeline jungles or stale predictions forever.
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Empower everybody to leverage AI

Data First

Put data first where it belongs


Embrace a declarative AI workflow


Be ready for day 2 operations

Leverage your existing cloud data warehouse

Eliminate pipeline jungles and analytic silos by building on the data foundation you already have.

Integrate directly with Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery, and Databricks

Leverage all your production data without costly integration efforts

Get predictions immediately in your existing BI and operational tools

Organize and share features across use cases

Accelerate model development with shared feature management in your data warehouse.

Leverage SQL and your data warehouse for feature engineering

Prevent data leakage with support for feature time travel

Join relational features automatically into new models

Build predictive models using your SQL skills

Leverage your teams existing SQL skills to deliver predictive models without complex engineering.

Build and deploy models 10x faster with a simple declarative workflow

Get state-of-the-art performance with a relational AutoML engine

Free up machine learning engineers for R&D and other projects

Get continually improving predictions at scale

Deliver predictions that never stop improving directly into your BI and operational tools.

Automate model retraining, promotion, and rescoring

Eliminate integration pipelines by building on your data warehouse

Gain full visibility into the performance of models over time

Built for modern data teams

The power and flexibility you need with none of the complexity.
Team Collaboration

Collaborate with your team in a shared workspace with fine-grained access control.

Audit Logs

Track changes and audit the full history of feature, model and prediction model updates.

Feature Time Travel

Avoid feature leakage with point-in-time correct features and automatic temporal joins.

Continual Improvement

Keep predictions up-to-date efficiently using either incremental or full refresh policies.

End-to-End Monitoring

Monitor performance over time to avoid data drift and costly prediction errors.

CLI/SDK and dbt Support

Build models from the UI or drive your production models directly from a CLI/SDK or dbt.

Solve your AI use cases 10x faster

Unlock data, analytics, and operations teams to self-service operational AI/ML without complex engineering.
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