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Continual $4M from Amplify Partners

Drive business impact from AI on your existing data stack

Continual is the easiest way to operationalize ML across your business. To learn more about how Continual works, let's chat.

Solutions for your industry

Drive revenue, optimize business operations, and deliver innovative new products and services.
Technology & Software

Deliver predictive insights, personalize experiences, and build intelligent products.

Retail & CPG

Forecast inventory and sales, optimize supply chain decisions, and deliver smart experiences.

Financial Services & Insurance

Improve efficiencies, deliver personalized experiences, and better mitigate risk.


Improving supply chain and logistics, predict maintainence issues, and improve quality.


Improve exploration and production, mitigate maintainence issues, and optimize operations.


Manage networks and capacity, predict outages, optimize sales and cross-sell opportunities.

Solutions for your department

Build intelligent sales, marketing, support, and operations.
Sales and marketing
Prediction customer LTV, churn, and personalized offers
Business operations
Forecast inventory levels, product demand, and defects
Predict price movements and financial events
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