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The missing AI layer for your Snowflake Data Cloud

Continual sits on top of your Snowflake Data Cloud and makes it easy to build predictive models that never stop learning from your data. No new infrastructure. No pipeline jungles. No stale predictions.  It's operational AI, simplified.

Unite your analytics and AI teams

Continually improving predictions at scale

We maintain the models, so you can focus on the big picture.

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Take a data-first approach to AI

Scale the ML lifecycle without all the engineering or headaches.

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Empower your entire data team

Whether you like SQL, dbt, or Python, you’ll love Continual.

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Sales & Marketing

Build the predictive models your sales and marketing teams have always wanted.

Customer churn

Lead scoring

Market forecasting


Market segmentation

Operations & Supply Chain

Streamline your operations and supply chain with forecasts that never stop improving.

Inventory forecasting

Demand forecasting

Predictive maintenance

Workforce forecasting

Logistics optimization

Engineering & Product

Deliver intelligent products and services leveraging your existing Snowflake Data Cloud.

Workflow automation

Content classification

Network & capacity mangement

Quality improvement


Learn more about operational AI with Continual and Snowflake

Data-centric AI with Continual and Snowflake
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Data-centric AI with Continual and Snowflake
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Getting started with Continual and Snowflake
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Getting started with Continual & Snowflake
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