Data Practitioner Roundtable: Real-time AI

November 15, 2022
3:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Data Practitioner Roundtable: Real-time AI

Are you sick of hearing from technology vendors and thought leaders? The Data Practitioner Roundtable is a periodic event where we gather together actual data practitioners to learn from their experience building, maintaining, and using data systems. This is an uncensored, unfiltered format where we give the spotlight back to the data professional and hope to extract valuable insights from their expertise. 

Join us on November 15th when we’ll discuss the topic of real-time AI. As data organizations grow and gain expertise, use cases are increasingly becoming real-time. Machine Learning systems and practices must evolve to keep up. However, real-time ML is often shrouded in complexity and difficult to crack into for all but the most experienced ML teams.

In this panel, we’ll talk to three practitioners who have been tackling this problem for years to hear what lessons they have learned and what tips they have for others who are going down this path. Topics covered will include:

  • Key considerations and technology components to building real-time ML systems
  • The intersection of streaming technology and real-time ML systems
  • Is Python the right context for real-time ML?

Register for this exciting roundtable - we look forward to seeing you there!



Mark Atkins
Mark Atkins
Machine Learning Architect
Mark Atkins
Nisha Muktewar
Machine Learning Engineer
Mark Atkins
Tullie Murrell
CEO & Co-founder
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